Please join us for this virtual public lecture on Thursday 3 September with Nobel Laureate, Professor Jean Tirole (TSE).
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Digital Dystopia - with Nobel Laureate, Professor Jean Tirole

Please join us for this virtual public lecture on Thursday 3 September with Nobel Laureate, Professor Jean Tirole (TSE).

How transparent should our life be to others?

Modern societies are struggling with this issue as connected objects, social networks, ratings, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, cheap computer power and various other innovations make it increasingly easy to collect, store and analyse personal data.

While this holds the promise of a more civilised society, in which non-compliance with the laws and shared norms would be a memory of the pre-big-data past, citizens and human rights activists fret over the prospect of mass surveillance by powerful players engaging in the collection of bulk data in shrouded secrecy. A dystopian scenario will be used to emphasise the excesses that may result from an unfettered usage of data integration in a digital era.

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Date: Thursday 3 September 2020
Time: 7–8.30pm
  The session will be run via Zoom webinar.

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Jean Tirole is honorary chairman of the Foundation JJ Laffont-Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), and scientific director of TSE-Partnership. He is also affiliated with MIT, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, and the Institut de France.

He is laureate of numerous international distinctions, including the 2007 CNRS Gold Medal and the 2014 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Drs Simona Fabrizi and Steffen Lippert (Department of Economics) will co-host this event.

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I hope that you can join us.

Professor Susan Watson
Acting Dean, University of Auckland Business School


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